Sell with GR8 EST8 AGENTS

Sell your home with GR8 EST8 Agents for a fixed success fee of $8,800.

At GR8 EST8 AGENTS, we’re changing the way Australians sell property. Traditional real estate agencies can charge customers approx. 2.5% of the total sales price of the home – with associated marketing costs charged in addition to this sum.

But at GR8 EST8 Agents, we’re proud to offer our professional services for one fixed success fee of $8,800 plus marketing costs at a budget which suits you and your home.

Due to our innovative business model, we’ve been able to reduce the cost of our overhead expenses – such as flash office with expensive shop fittings, franchise fees, marketing levies, managers, european cars, that bring our clients no real benefit, and pass the savings directly on to you.

Expert Local Agents

We at GR8 EST8 AGENTS have the advantage of living and working within the local area. With a deep understanding of the local market, you can be assured that our EST8 agents possess the knowledge needed to secure a premium price for your property.

Experienced, trustworthy and accessible, our mobile agents provide outstanding results and a highly professional service that you can count on.

Premium Marketing

Our sales and marketing strategies are second to none. With our vast experience in property sales, we can ensure you attract the right buyers to your property.

Our sales and marketing package recommendations includes premier property listings, professional property photography, as well as attractive sale boards and brochures to draw the attention of potential buyers to your property.