Kemal Celik

About me

Kemal is a passionate, driven and motivated individual with the sole purpose of delivering for his clients. Kemal’s tenacious and enthusiastic attitude shines bright through his work ethic and strong intent of making sure he has the best possible outcome in an effort to ensure all of his clients’ needs and desires are met and even exceeded. Trained and mentored by the Director and Co-Founder of GR8 EST8 Agents, Liron Selimi, you can rest assured that he is well equipped with the knowledge that is requisite to achieve the best possible outcome. Kemal’s confidence, reliance and dependability enables him to stand out and allows for world class service that all clients deserve. Kemal’s interest outside of real estate includes fitness, football and kickboxing. Kemal also has a University engineering education and outside of work enjoys socializing with his friends. Feel free to contact Kemal at any time on 0410525367.